Buddha Fountain & Garden Statues

Sitting Buddha Statue: All You Need for Your Zen Garden

Finding a fitting decoration for your garden could be real trouble, especially when you want your garden to be peaceful and beautiful at the same time. If that’s your case, we got the perfect recommendation for you: Buddha fountains and Buddha statue.

Why a buddha statue for your garden?

There are many types of decorations you can choose from, from the regular fountain to a beautiful lamp and a decorative tree. But nothing can match the serenity you will get by having a buddha statue or fountain for your garden.

A buddha statue for your garden is said to bring peace, positive energy, happiness, and prosperity to your household. Moreover, if you can place it in a good position, it could also elevate the feng shui of your garden.

Types of Buddha Statue / Buddha Fountain

There are a lot of types of buddha statues that you can choose, but here are some of the best recommendations we can give:

Sitting Buddha Statue

sitting buddha statue

The Sitting Buddha Statue is one of the best statues we have and is commonly used in a zen garden. The position portrayed by the buddha statue is the most common pose that the Zen Buddhists do whenever they are praying or meditating. 

With a height of 53cm and a width of around 39 cm, this statue can be the perfect centerpiece or the best welcoming statue for your garden.

Modern Face Buddha Fountain

modern face buddha fountain

This buddha fountain is slightly different from the other statues/fountains we have. With only the face of the Buddha, it is as if the Buddha is watching over your garden’s serenity.

Not to mention that having a fountain in your garden with the soothing sound of water flowing endlessly is all you need to relax your mind and body.

The Buddha fountain is made of concrete GRC and has a color of rust, charcoal, and grey. With a dimension of 1.5m in height and the size of the base of 1m x 0.5m x 0.25m, this buddha fountain is perfect for any garden that you have either as the centerpiece or it could be the best decoration for the side of your garden.

Travelling Buddha Statue

travelling buddha statue

Don’t want your garden to be so rigid? Crave for a more fun environment? This one could be your answer. The traveling buddha statue has a fun yet serene ambiance within. It could also bring a positive and joyful nuance to your garden. 

With a height of only 41 cm, it could fit anywhere in your garden to elevate the tranquility and peacefulness of your garden.

How to place the Buddha statue

The position varies for every garden and type of statue or fountain. You can place it in the middle, at the side, or even near your gate, acting as a welcome statue. There’s only one rule you must abide by, and that’s never to place the sitting buddha statue on the ground.

It is considered disrespectful and brings bad energy when placing the sitting buddha statue on the ground. So, you can elevate it a bit by using a wooden board or a chair, and your problem is solved.


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