Cast Iron Water Features Melbourne

Did you reckon to create a beautiful outdoor space in your backyard or entrance? Adding a beautiful cast iron water features to your garden is a major step towards your dream garden space. Not just that, a cast-iron water feature can accentuate interest to your home. 

Those who have already added a water foundation to their home state that adding a water feature to the garden is the best thing they have done. Do you know why?

Cast Iron Water Features

Pleasant sound

Science says that the soothing sound of a water fountain drives a sound sleep. In case you have dropped the idea of installing a cast iron water features to your Gardenscapes, you can definitely opt for small-sized indoor water features to bring your zen out. Water Features R’ Us is a one-stop destination for beautiful indoor and outdoor cast iron water features.

Amps-up value 

A water feature can amp-up the value of your home sweet home. It will appear more expensive than it is, which means spiked market value. Later in life, if you decide to sell the house, it may bring out more interest in potential buyers.

Some amazing health benefits

Though it may seem strange, water fountains have a multitude of health benefits. These water features can promote relaxation, de-stress and purify the air in an eco-friendly way. A small way to turn your brick mortar house into a HOME. The soothing atmosphere will help you unwind and forget about all the troubles. 

Installation of water features makes the air in and around your home arid. Adding a cast iron water features, fountain in your gardenscapes can enhance moisture levels of air in and around your home. Moist air is helpful in preventing a number of health issues, like skin irritations and illness. Not just that, a fountain is a blessing for your indoor and outdoor plants. Water Features act as a natural humidifier. Unlike the buzzing motor sound of the conventional humidifier, a water fountain delivers the beautiful sound of running water. A conventional humidifier can get mould and mildew grow quickly whereas a water feature with moving water will not let mould grow. The sound of moving water conceals the unwanted traffic noise.

Did you know that an indoor water fountain can improve air quality? There is a proper science behind it. An indoor water fountain creates negative ions, and these negative ions will attract dust, pollens and negative air towards it, which in turn helps in improving the quality of indoor air. Breathing fresh air means rejuvenated physical and mental health. 

Be it an indoor or an outdoor, and a water feature will augment instant magnificence to your surroundings. And now if you are wondering where to buy a water feature from? Fountain Land is well accredited megastore for buying water features and outdoor decor items. From concrete limestone to cast iron, there is a wide variety of water features. 

They have different types of water ? fountains:

● Pool Surrounding

● Multi-Tiered (2,3,4)

● Abstract

● Solar

● Modern

● Pedestal

And you can find different styles of water features under one roof ranging from urn vase to pot buckets & wells. 


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