Private Winery Tours Yarra Valley

Private Winery Tasting Tours Yarra Valley

Private Winery Tours Yarra Valley

There is a reason why you would be searching for the Private Winery Tours Yarra Valley, and that is to provide you and guests with an exclusive experience for the day. When hiring a designated driver to take your group out to the Yarra Valley for wine tasting tours and adventures, you are likely to have more fun with friends without the distractions of a public bus wine tours. Noone is making loud and unpleasant noise, gestures and possible drink way too much can ruin anyone’s experience.

Why hire us as your designated and private driver for winery tours to the Yarra Valley?

We are polite, very politely fun people who would love a chance to show you the good times in the great wine, cheese and food region of the Yarra Valley. We can tailor custom tours for your group; anything you like to do on the day we will fit it in;

  • cheese tasting
  • chocolate tasting
  • wine tasting
  • beer and cider tasting
  • fruit picking
  • winery lunch & dinner

Not on the list? Tell us what you like to do and we can accommodate and make it happen.

We will take you to a variety of destinations from boutique wineries to the bigger commercial atmosphere – we book your lunch so you can truly experience what the Yarra Valley winery lunch has to offer. You don’t ever have to worry about driving home; we get you back safely.


We have two options available on offer with our cheap Yarra Valley Winery Tours.

Wicked Weekdays

This is perfect for people looking for a quieter atmosphere to indeed take your time and soak in the sunshine, sip wine and enjoy winery lunch without a hurry and make the most of the quiet times.

Weekend Explorers

For those who cannot get the weekdays off due to work, it is a busier period and required an advanced booking to get spots for winery lunch and wine tasting.

We visit the best boutique wineries in the Yarra Valley.

On our list of the best boutique wineries to visit in the Yarra Valley, we drop into Morgan’s Vineyard for local cheese matching with Morgan’s wines.

  • Paynes Rise Vines
  • Whispering Hills
  • Wild Cattle Creek


Come and experience a day with Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours

It’s such a gorgeous destination for just about every occasions, and best of all it’s only 1-hour drive from Melbourne CBD. Picturesque landscapes surround the Yarra Valley region, perfect for functions, events and it is known for its award-winning wine. If you happen to love your wine, this is a must to see and do; you need to book a day of wine tasting tours to the Yarra Valley.

Exploring Melbourne for Sightseeing

As the world most liveable city, Melbourne is a popular destination where tourists can come from around the world. Melbourne’s itself is famous for its food, coffee, arts and plenty of sightseeing destinations to explore and create memories with your friends and family.

If visiting Melbourne is the first time, it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing where to visit where to enjoy food. That is why we recommend hopping on with Wine Hop Tours where the experience tour guides can provide some recommendations of places to visit and explore in a safe and fun environment.

At Wine Hop Tours they provide sightseeing destinations throughout Melbourne region such as the great Ocean road tours, Mornington Peninsula tours and the Private Winery Tours Yarra Valley.


Explore Mornington Peninsula & Yarra Valley for Wine Tasting

There are so many amazing things to see when you visit the Mornington Peninsula such as; penguins parade tours, riding a gondola with views from Mount Arthur overlooking Port Phillip Bay. Hopping on the Gondola is a must to do on your list with such gorgeous views not-to-be-missed.

If you are wine lover, foodie and a chocolate lover you can visit well-known wineries in Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley. Taste world-renowned food and wine, finished off with some cheese and chocolate at the chocolate factory. Both Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula is famous for delicious food and award-winning wine.


Hop On with Wine Hop Tours

If you decide to hop on for a winery Tours to the Yarra Valley, you can visit four wine and enjoy your lunch with a glass of wine in private bus tours. Where can visit famous winery such as Chandon to Rochford, and we can customise and tailor to suit your needs for your group.

If sipping wine, enjoying cheese platters and chocolate is your thing, we recommend you inquire about reserving a date with Wine Hop Tours.


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