Foam DIY Waterfall (Black 16 oz)

Foam DIY Waterfall (Black 16 oz)


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Black Waterfall Construction Foam has changed the way ponds, creeks and waterfalls are built . No more concrete or mortar.

This product is totally fish safe and has been used in koi and native fish pond construction for over 20 years.  

The DIY presentation is perfect for one-off constructions or repairs or alterations and home owners who do not want to invest in the contractor presentation and applicator gun. The DIY  presentation is our best selling product.

Black Waterfall Foam is a low expansion, high-density foam used in the construction of natural looking waterfalls and streams. It is fish safe and non leaching.
The Foam expands to fill voids between the rocks and liner, diverting water over the top of the stones. It cuts down the time required to build waterfalls and streams thanks to its quick curing time and ease of use.
Waterfall  Construction Foam has fundamentally changed the water feature construction industry because it simplifies waterfall construction and is easier to use than mortar.

  • Fish safe
  • Strong and adhesive, yet flexible enough to withstand ground movement
  • Allows for easy changes or adjustments to the waterfall and stream post construction or for adjustments to flow
  • The black colour of the foam blends into the waterfall setting by looking like a dark part of stone or a shadow.
  • Quick curing. Turn on the pump or immerse after 15 minutes,  no more waiting for mortar or cement  to cure
  • Allows more creativity in the stream and waterfall design and construction process
  • Dramatically reduces the construction time
  • UV stabilized and completely fish and pond life safe once cured
  • Direct water flow where you want it to go i.e. around rocks instead of under, and maintain visible flow rates for the length of the stream. Smaller pumps can be used because the flow is fully utilised and not lost under stones
  • Use to stabilise rocks and edges in high traffic areas and excellent for holding waterfall stones in place
  • Easy to peal off the over application once dry
  • One 474 ml can will build a small waterfall successfully.
  • Did we mention fish safe? Its also being used in fresh and saltwater fish tank aquascaping.

We have tried them all and in our years of experience this is the best quality Black Construction Foam available. Unlike other foams becoming available on the market this product does not go flakey or breakdown.


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