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If you are after unique, modern and stylish outdoor, indoor water features in Canberra, NSW, make sure you have a browse with our products today. We are confident you find a water fountain that captures your attention, and you have no choice but to add one to the cart. Our features leave our Melbourne warehouse and straight to your door in Canberra.

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At Water Features R’ Us, we have one of the most extensive online stock of water features in Canberra. Our garden water fountains are easy and hassle-free to install. Within minutes, you have a stunning feature that can take away the stress of everyday life. Turn on the jug, pour yourself a hot cuppa, and sit back to take in the sound of relaxation in your nature like backyard.

Modern Water Features Canberra

Outdoor Garden Water Features Canberra

Our products are handmade with premium materials for long-lasting colours and suitable for the Australian elements. Is our goal to design and create a unique water feature made just for you to incorporate into your ideal garden space – ready to order one of our outdoor garden water features for your home in Canberra?

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Online Water Feature, Pond Supplies for Canberra

As the go-to online retailer for pond supplies, we have a wide range of products to keep you busy in the garden building your perfect garden. We have a variety of water filters, pond liners, lights, fibreglass ponds to water fountains.


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